Thursday, March 06, 2008

ups and downs

This has been a week of ups and downs.

Thankfully, Roto Rooter came to our rescue. And, it wasn't hugely expensive.

DH had another appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. After another examination, the doctor is now convinced DH's ankle is definitely broken. He is still in a tremendous amount of pain and it's not getting better. The swelling is still apparent. The doctor suspects that the swelling is pushing on the bone and hiding the break. He has the soonest appointment available for a bone scan which is a week from Friday! Meanwhile, he's now on prescription pain pills and relented to supporting himself with a crutch. He's so stubborn that he was refusing to use the crutch. Well, hopefully his foot not improving will help him swallow his pride.

The other bit of down news is gas prices. Like everyone else, we're feeling the pinch. Gas prices have risen enough that unless there is a major drop in price, we won't be able to go on our big vacation this summer. This is incredibly discouraging. I really wanted to see my parents. I know they are planning a trip to see us for next summer, but I still miss everyone.

We do however, have a Plan B for vacation. If DH is back on his feet again by the end of May, we're thinking of spending three or four days at Disney World! We're close enough that it's a day's drive. Since we haven't been camping in ages, we plan on camping it at Ft. Wilderness. The other benefit to that is we don't have to get two rooms. With five kids we usually exceed the occupancy limit on hotel rooms. Disney is in a position to actually enforce this, too.

The other good news is I am down another pound! This puts me at 3 lbs from my weight loss goal. Heck at this rate, I may have to adjust it again and see if I can lose another 10 lbs by the end of the year. I may just be living in a fantasy land if I tried to lose 10 more lbs, but I thought it was a fantasy to get to where I am, now, too!

anyhow, here's a little picture progress...

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