Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm a big dork

I rechecked my numbers for our road trip by using this calculator. I did it before and came up with a number. When gas prices rose, I doubled the cost in my head. Silly me didn't remember that I entered in the round trip miles rather than one way. Here I am thinking it's going to cost $1200 each way, when that's going to be the total cost! So, it looks like this road trip may still happen!

It will be our best case scenario if D gets this job and we can leave from Seattle instead of having to come back here.

I am trying really hard to stay calm while we're in the waiting period before interviews begin. It's working ok most of the time.

The other news from tonight is that after using crutches all day, D's foot is twice as swollen as it was before. I told him he needs to call the doctor tomorrow and maybe they can get him in for the bone scan sooner. The swelling should not be increasing by staying off of it!

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