Friday, March 14, 2008

Some good news

DH went for a second opinion on his ankle today. The doctor confirmed that it was *just* a severe sprain. And, the good news, saw that DH's range of motion wasn't that great and put in an order for physical therapy. The other doctor once he realized it wasn't broken, just seemed to write DH off as a big baby and didn't give much further advice.

And, the van is still in the shop. So far we're only up to $300 in damage. But if DH can get back to work by the end of next month, I'm not all that worried about dipping more in to our rainy day money. I'm just looking forward to building that back up so we can start our debt snowball!

Next on the agenda...getting DH's car sold. We had two people ask about it yesterday but no takers. We're not even trying to make money on it. We just want it paid off so we can free up that money to pay off other things! It really doesn't make much sense for us to have two cars anyway. DH only works 2 miles from home AND I pass by his work at the time he's getting off when I pick up Leelee from school.

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