Monday, March 24, 2008

Lots of projects

After finally having moderate success with that blasted recycled dress from the summer 2007 Ottobre, I'm fairly certain I can do it again perfectly. I am determined to get this dress right! i'm not sure if it's perseverance or stupidity.

I decided to cut in to that great pink skull fabric. I cut out a Rose dress from the spring 2008 ottobre for Kari and a romper for Lizzy.

I also had just enough fabric left over to create a purse for myself! yeah! it's not often I indulge my craftiness for myself. . . unless I'm scrapbooking. but i haven't scrapped in ages. In fact, I'm going to be purging my scrap closet this week in order to make room for sewing supplies! I'm not completely giving up scrapping...just going minimalist.

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Laura McIntyre said...

Oh pretty your great at this stuff