Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Too smart for her own good

I believe Lizzy is too smart for her own good. She figures things out. I can see her brain working the problem.

So far my little destructo girl can:

Open childproof lids on medicines and cleaners
Dump things out
If we move something higher, pulls a chair over to reach it
Raids the pantry
Opens the dishwasher and climbs in to get to the counter
Pulls all the pots and pans out
Helps load/unload the dishwasher
Takes out the trash! (if the mood strikes her, she'll pull the bag out and bring it to the door)
Loves getting dirty.

She ran to the bathroom this morning saying "bath bath!" I was not ready to give her a bath quite yet. So...she reused to let me help feed her yogurt. Usually she'll take 2-3 bites on her own and then wants help. This morning, help completely refused. She was covered in it.

"Did you get all dirty so you can take a bath?"

She looked me square in the eye and smiled, nodded and said "yeah"

Ohhhh what am I gonna do with this girl???

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Laura McIntyre said...

LOL She sounds high spirited thats for sure