Monday, March 17, 2008

Sibling Rivalry at it's finest

We were playing school this afternoon. Kari was writing her name and doing her "math" and Lizzy was being a bit too curious for Kari's liking. Kari got mad, so I decided to redirect by proclaiming it was story time.

Kari brought me a book and so did Lizzy. We read and off they went to get other books.

Kari ran back out in to the living room and I expected Lizzy to be toddling along after her any minute. Instead, Kari says "I don't want to play with Lizzy so I shut her in the bedroom."

I sigh and roll my eyes and go off to rescue my little one. I quickly noted that the only doors shut were the bathroom and my room. "Kari, what room did you put Lizzy in?"

"I locked her in your room!"

At no point did I actually think she actually locked her in the room...until I turned the handle.

I immediately turned to my trusty coat hanger that has opened many bathroom doors. It failed me. I tried a knife. Nope. I worked on it a good TEN MINUTES before I finally called my husband.

"This better be an emergency" he said, since he was still teacher.

Yes this qualified as an emergency. He gave me some tips on how to pop the lock...none of them worked.

The doorbell rang. It was my visiting teachers! They were late, but that's ok. It was now just about time to get the older kids from school!

Off went one of the ladies and a few minutes later, D arrived home to save the day.

He used a stinking credit card to pop the lock! He could have at least suggested that to me :P

Lizzy was probably trapped alone in my bedroom for 30 minutes. She didn't really panic or cry. She did dump out all the bags of things I'd set aside for the goodwill. I'm sure she had a grand old time trying on all the clothes and throwing things out of the trash in my room.

Kari is not sorry. She only appologized because she thought she'd be able to get dessert back. And for Kari, losing dessert is like the end of the world.

I'm sure I'll be laughing at this later and it will a hilarious story to share with the girls when they are older!


Julie said...

Holy Cow! What a nightmare! All of our doors just use a straight metal "key", and a bobby pin would do in a pinch.. but if Nicole did something like that to Jake, she'd be in a heap of trouble too, even if only took us a few seconds to get him out.

And does Kari have that 4yo "sorry" that is all sarcastic and comes complete with rolling eyes? Nicole has been in trouble more for her unfelt "sorry" than for the original crime a few times.... sigh. It all goes with the territory.

Tiffany said...

Oh wow! Glad Lizzy wasnt upset. Bobby locked Ryleigh in the car a few weeks ago. We had to call 911 to get her

Laura said...

Omgosh! I can't believe it was over thirty minutes and she (or you) didn't have a heart attack! If Charlie doesn't see me for about 5 minutes (unless we're in a public place and there's tons of people and kids there :eyeroll: ) then he spazzes.

Well, thank goodness you ended up rescuing her! LOL!

Em said...

Yeah, if my Rhys did that to Al and showed no remorse there would be MAJOR trouble (he's done it but our locks are easy to pick and he was nearly in tears because Al was crying behind the door). I don't know what's best but you need to find a way to make her care about her little sister because the lack of remorse and empathy is a BIG issue. I'd seriously pray for her and see what you and HF can come up with to help her. On the upside it seems like something all big brothers/sisters go through at some point.

I admire your reserve in not actually breaking the door down. If it were me I would have been throwing my shoulder into it with a running start.