Monday, March 03, 2008

Not much getting done today

When it rains it pours!

Last week, hubby injured his foot in what he is referring to as a "freak trampoline accident." More like daddy showing off for the kids. He is in a boot and in quite a bit of pain. The ortho said there's nothing broken, but he's not getting better. Hopefully, we will get some positive news soon on that front. If he needs surgery he needs it this week because he has all of next week off.

Oldest daughter has a double ear infection.

The check engine light came on in my van.

With all the doctor appointments, I blew through an entire tank of gas in a week! That's as much driving as I usually do in a month. At $3.05 a gallon...ouch. Hopefully the half tank I have now will last me awhile.

To make everything even more peachy, the dishwasher, garbage disposal and washing machine are backing up in to my tub. Major ick. I'm waiting for roto rooter. Hopefully they will get here soon!

I am desperately trying not to stress out about how much this is all costing us. Thankfully, we have savings, but that savings was supposed to go partly to our trip this summer. It feels like things are conspiring against us to keep us from the trip. Maybe, this means hubby will get the job he's trying for and we will be moving and won't be able to go on the trip because of a move. That's best case scenario.

We are also trying to sell hubby's car. It is silly to be spending all this money on a second car when he only works 2 miles from the house...and I drive by his work on the way picking kids up from school at the same time he's leaving work! There really is no need for us to have two cars. Dave Ramsey would be proud of this step.

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