Saturday, March 08, 2008

Can I get a redo on today?

It's ok, I know you all are going to laugh at this. I know I laughed. If I didn't laugh, I probably would cry.

Leelee went outside this morning because she left her coat in the backyard. She came barreling through the door and knocked Lizzy right over. I picked my crying baby up and noticed she had pulled off her diaper. Took her over and put a diaper back on her and went back in the kitchen to get a recipe. Leelee comes running in saying Lizzy's bleeding.

OMG yes she's bleeding EVERYWHERE.

Experienced mom takes over and remembers head wounds bleed profusely from itty bitty cuts. I get her cleaned up and she has a 3/4 inch cut on the back of her head!

D says we need to take her to the ER because she'll need stitches. He's worried the swelling from the goose egg is just going to tear it open more. I disagree, but whatever, I've been wrong about injuries before, so I go into the bedroom to get Lizzy some clothes.

D walks down the hallway and proclaims, "All right, No more Injur..." THUD ... and then i hear him scream. :eek:

He's lying down in the hallway in tears. His crutch slipped and he came down hard on his know the one that he injured on the trampoline.

Now, there's no doubt we're heading to the ER.

I called my good friend and she met us at the ER and took the older four kids. On the way to the ER Alex starts hyperventilating he's so upset about both Lizzy and D

Anyway, as I'm checking everyone in at the ER (thank goodness it was empty!), the phone rings and it's D's mom! she says "I just had this feeling I needed to call" I swear, when I grow up, I want my mom radar to be that good LOL

They end up putting us in different rooms.

Nurse comes in to give me periodic updates on D. At one point he passes out because of the pain. His orthopedic dr just happens to be at hte hospital doing rounds so he comes down.

Somehow, they still say they can't find the break. The dr says he knows it's broken but the swelling is so bad they can't tell where. They give D morphine for the pain and some phenegrin for the nausea. Of course the phenegrin makes his veins burn and he starts to itch. Lovely...

Meanwhile back in the room with Lizzy, Dr is concerned that Lizzy *really* whacked her head hard and wants a CT scan. At this point, I'm in autopilot. I just want to get over to D. I didn't really think Lizzy needed treatment, but if the drs saw her bloodied up head, they are sort of obligated to treat kind of thing. Lizzy is a trooper for the CT and no cracked skull. But every time she puts her head down, she breaks open her cut. So they superglued her back together.

We get the ok to leave finally and the nurse wheels D to the front while I go get the car. I drive back and the security guard comes out and says they took D back again because he started vomiting and passed out.

It's like 130 and I haven't eaten anything all day, so I go get some BBQ. I knew there was absolutely nothing I could do and Lizzy would be easier to manage with a full stomach. She kept signing "eat" LOL

Get back to D, and they've done a full blood workup and an EKG only to determine he's probably dehydrated and stressed and not reacting well to the morphine (gee ya think??)

So we're home now, thank goodness.

I'm really ready for life to ya know, become normal and disaster free for awhile!

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