Friday, March 21, 2008

To do list

Well, I have a few things left to do today

1. Whip children in to doing chores.
2. Make breakfast for dinner because I am lazy
3. Hard cook 24 eggs
4. Color eggs with kids
5. Put kids to bed
6. Sew 5 easter bags tote bags because I'm totally sick of buying easter baskets year after year
7. Make three tutus and pray I have enough fabric because according to all the tutorials I've read I don't have nearly enough! Maybe I'll just draft my own (ok stop laughing now! I MEAN IT!)
8. Sew a pair of PJ bottoms for Ben
9. Fill 48 plastic eggs with chocolate.
10. Set the alarm for 6 a.m.
11. Fall down in complete exhaustion.

Any guesses on how many of these things I'll actually get done before midnight ROFL

Sad thing is today I've already
1. Fielded several phone calls
2. Missed a call from the NIH about a genetic study we're doing
3. Went to LLL
4. Found out the bank won't cash a check made out to my 11 yo because his name only is on it.
5. Got an order from a customer for a high chair cover and a baby swing cover
6. Picked up scout stuff for Alex at the council office
7. bought more fabric for customer
8. picked up kids from school
9. rubbernecked on a house fire
10. helped with homework
11. blogged

All in all a pretty productive day :)

AND I even managed to do hair and makeup! yay me :D

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