Friday, March 07, 2008

Life seems to happen

Have you ever noticed that things always happen just at the worst possible moment?

Like this morning, five minutes before we are supposed to be walking out the door for school, Alex comes running to me saying he needs jeans. Now, I made sure he had jeans last night, so I knew he didn't need jeans. Well, he did need jeans. He decided to float waffles in his syrup (a whole other issue) and flipped the plate up and down on to the floor. This leaves me frantically looking in the dryer for another pair of jeans. Fridays are the only days they are allowed to wear jeans, so jeans are very important today.

I come out of the laundry room unsuccessful in my search to find Lizzy carrying a plate dripping syrup all over the floor. I grab her and in awesome mom style, tell Alex to find a pair of not so dirty jeans out of his laundry basket. Wash Lizzy's hands and discover that Alex's waffle mess is still on the floor.

Now, I've got to somehow keep Lizzy out of the syrup in the hallway and in the kitchen and get this mess cleaned up!

Thank goodness for disinfecting wipes and big sisters and baby gates.

I was absolutely shocked to make it to the school on time for Leelee to catch the bus to her school.

Now, I have to finish getting ready for the day and I'm missing my good know the one that actually has enough support so the girls don't hang down to my navel and my one pair of jeans that don't fall off my rear are in the dryer still. This is the big drawback to losing weight...none of my clothes fit!

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