Friday, June 09, 2006

The meanest mommy in the world

It's official. I am now the meanest mommy in the whole world and I have my digital cable to thank for it.

The three youngest have been inside virtually all day. This means it's a house full of bickering and whining. They haven't done their chores and the oldest girl is bossing everyone else around.

And, the mean mommy part?

I used the digital cable to block off the TV so they can't watch a darn thing.

Choices now? Go to their rooms and clean; stay in the living room and clean; go outside to play in the sprinklers.

She's complaining that it's too hot. It's in the mid 80s. Compared to the mid90s we had yesterday, when they were outside the entire day, it's downright comfy!

I haven't even had a chance to shower yet today because of all the bickering. I can't turn my back for a moment. *sigh*