Monday, March 17, 2008

Sewing again

D is on a cleaning and organizing kick for some reason. We have several bags of things to take to the goodwill. For my part, I'm going to tackle my stash of I'm going to be sewing like crazy. I really need to get clothes for the girls done.

I'm going to sew up another of the recycled dresses from Ottobre. I have a bunch of scrap fabrics that it will look cute with. Next, I'm going to make a pair of knickers for Leelee. There was a cute pair in the last Ottobre that would be perfect for school. I have some khaki homespun I'm going to use to practice on. It's going to heat up enough around here the homespun might actually be the right weight for school!

It's supposed to be around 80 for the next two days then drops again on Wednesday. Hopefully no one gets sick with all the roller coaster temps.

D also starts physical therapy for his ankle this week, so it will definitely be busy!

Oh and our things breaking streak continued...the microwave went out. I am hoping to pick one up on freecycle. If we end up moving, a microwave is one thing that we can get new when we get wherever we go.

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